T. 5, S. 1 (2011)

Mục lục

Preseve, uphold national culture characters for sustainable development Tóm tắt
Vuong Toàn 3-8
Quality of Vietnam Human resources through The 2010 Competitiveness Report Tóm tắt
Đặng Trường Minh 9-15
Characteristics and major tendencies in the lifestyle of Vietnamese youth today Tóm tắt
Phạm Hồng Tung 16-24
Similarities and differences in the concept of marriage family among Vietnam generations today Tóm tắt
Lê Thi 25-30
National study about domestic violence againts women in Vietnam: The main results Tóm tắt
An Duy Linh 31-37
Basic legal framework on e-transaction in Vietnam Tóm tắt
Trần Văn Biên 38-46
Manage Personal Income tax in Vietnam in the context of international economic integration Tóm tắt
Lý Phương Duyên 47-49
Information Tóm tắt
Editor in Board 50-56
Books in Social Sciences Library review Tóm tắt
Editor in Board 57-60